About Us

Nirwana Herbal Healthcare, (a unit of Jamna Agro Implements Pvt.Ltd.) has tried to address the present day health concerns with a gentle healing touch. Its fast expanding range of QUALITY PRODUCTS in the personal care, healthcare and customized medicine section are in sync with modern lifestyles, developed on the company's own farms at Kalesar & production unit in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana. They are packaged with ancient wisdom, 100% chemical free ingredients and loving care. Nirwana Herbal Healthcare makes its own manure through vermi compost, ensuring that the entire chain of production is natural, pure and organic backed by a dedicated team of professionals committed to the cause of naturopathy and ayurveda, the company marches ahead with a constant endeavor to delve into traditional wisdom and find ways to energize and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.

As India is being considered worldwide as an emerging economy, people with larger disposable incomes have embraced a lifestyle that is pleasurable and gratifying on one hand but also which comes at a cost on the other hand. Health and wellness, the most precious ingredients in a human life, are compromised as people make a stretch to fulfill aspirational goals. Many have turned to holistic therapies and age-old practices to maintain their balance and seek the elixir of life. Even the Government of India is going all out to promote the ancient wisdoms through the Dept. Of Ayush, Ministry of Health and Family Health and huge sums are earmarked annually for the promotion of Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Naturopathy.

Nirwana Herbal Healthcare with its fast expanding portfolio of extensively researched and tested products delves into ancient texts to cull out therapeutic and beneficial properties of kitchen products, local herbs and medicinal plants to create concoctions that can treat simple to complex ailments. Nirwana Herbal Healthcare anticipates these needs and tries to exceed expectations. It aims to give back to the community by being a good steward of the environment. Join us in creating a happier, healthier and a more chemical-free world.